About this project:

This is a small, Two man project.
You won’t find thousands of players here. You won’t find faceless crowds.
Or faceless admins.
We are here.
You can talk to us directly on Facebook, Discord.
Our goal is not to get as many players as possible.
Our goal is to maintain healthy community, and provide fun and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who wants it. Anyone who will be obnoxious will be exterminated. That is not to say that PvP or competition is not allowed. Use game mechanics as much as you like. But mental abuse and ill behaviour won’t be tolerated. This is a non-profit project. Any and every donation ever received was and will be put towards server’s good.

Thank you.
Best Regards
Enjoy the game and
don’t forget
always have fun!

Cz3s1ek & Myli !!!

Server Time

Server Use Time UTC

Server Rates

Xp/Sp - x1 (+30% on premium)
Adena - x1 ( +100% on premium)
Drop - x2
Spoil - x2
Auto loot - Yes
Auto loot rb - No


Safe Enchant - +4
Max Enchant - +16

Enchant chance to +6 - 55%
Enchant chance to +10 - 25%
Enchant chance to +16 - 5%

Other Features

Maximum Clients - 4 windows
Raids Respawn - 12h
Shift+click - Yes
Events – daily
Auto Learn Skills - no
Champion Mobs - Yes
AutoFarm - Yes

Class Transfer

1st 1kk Adena
2nd 1.5kk Adena
3rd 3kk Adena
or you can do 1st and 2nd manually and you will rewarded !!!!


Total Buff Slots - 20+4
Total D/S slots - 12
Buff Duration - 2h (3h on premium)
Dance/songs Duration - 10min (not on buffer/must have chars)

Castle Siege

Retail like - two weekly
Sunday at 20:00 UTC

Grand Olympiad

Olympiad Retail
Olympiad matches - Retail
Olympiad minimum participants - 7
Enchant Auto Limit - +6max