Top Adenas

Below are the players who have the most Adena.
This ranking was updated in 25/09/2020 at 11:18.

Name Clan Adenas Time
Edward Hunters 29.357.971.096 2d, 9h 59m
ZerX - 26.074.430.565 0d, 18h 6m
SlenderMan Hunters 10.990.593.893 19d, 16h 35m
GenG - 4.800.639.642 0d, 21h 52m
BurBujitaS EnigmaS 4.285.891.688 12d, 17h 28m
Edwyn Hunters 3.745.107.281 0d, 7h 25m
chr1swave xR 3.416.004.995 0d, 16h 6m
neXus - 3.116.445.173 0d, 2h 31m
Mabi EnigmaS 3.063.915.640 7d, 0h 51m
10º sad xR 2.888.699.997 1d, 9h 57m
11º Lee - 2.805.520.774 0d, 6h 28m
12º Lullo Hunters 2.451.366.309 12d, 8h 22m
13º Wilha EnigmaS 2.410.128.517 4d, 5h 51m
14º Brilliant xR 2.364.874.462 1d, 9h 58m
15º Hunter Hunters 2.350.821.858 14d, 7h 12m
16º chr1s xR 2.256.372.684 1d, 9h 24m
17º MasH Hunters 2.231.905.395 13d, 0h 44m
18º Salma EnigmaS 4d, 19h 2m
19º BAMBAM - 1.805.442.042 1d, 19h 1m
20º Keiros EnigmaS 1.723.312.315 6d, 1h 45m