L2Anu :

WELCOME TO L2Anu Servers

Sorry for the inconvenience, but
the site is under construction!!!

Welcome to L2Anu Multi-Servers World. We are glad to have you around and we hope you will enjoy playing with us.
If you need play just go ahead and have fun.

L2Anu is a Mid-Rate xp/sp x12

L2AnuCraft is Low Rate Server xp/sp x3 drop/spoil x6, some custom system for craft Elegia Armor.

L2AnuMulti is on Test mode to adjust and prepare to Low Rate MultiSkill Server xp/sp x1 drop/spoil x1, some custom system for craft Elegia Armor.

If You don't see some textures on L2AnuMulti is mean to need download :

Server rules:

1. Insulting Admins or GM’s is a punishable offense.

2. Global chat channels (!, +,%) are English speaking channels, only English is allowed there.

3. Trusting friends with your own items is your responsibility. Admins/GMs will NOT restore any lost items.

4. Using any bugs, hacks, etc. is strictly forbidden. If you descover any of these , report it immediately to a Admin/GM’s or in forum.

5. Using bots, l2walker and similar programs is forbidden.

6. Selling items or accounts for real currency (for example: Allegro, eBay) is punishable.

7. Admins or GM’s won’t return any of items/accounts stolen by “fake GM’s” or other people. We advice – don’t share your passwords with nobody.

8. Interrupting Admin or GM’s with pm (for example: Hello, Help, etc) will be punished. We ask you to use petitions if you have any problem.

9. Exploit on castles/Clan Halls will be punished.

10. Typing other websites [for example: website to other server, hacks, bot aren’t allowed in Hero voice, and other channels. This will be highly punished even BAN.

11. You can be punished in many ways like: kick, jail, kill, de-lvl, decreasing enchant, chat ban, char/account/IP Ban – decision depends on Admin’s/GM’s will, so there is no point to discuiss about it with other GM’s/Admins or spamming on forum.

12. About changes in regulations, you will be informed on forum, and in the website.

About this project:

This is a small, one man project.
You won’t find thousands of players here. You won’t find faceless crowds.
Or faceless admins.
I’m here.
You can talk to me directly on Facebook, website forum.
My goal is not to get as many players as possible.
My goal is to maintain healthy community, and provide fun and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who wants it. Anyone who will be obnoxious will be exterminated. That is not to say that PvP or competition is not allowed. Use game mechanics as much as you like. But mental abuse and ill behaviour won’t be tolerated. This is a non-profit project. Any and every donation ever received was and will be put towards server’s good.

Thank you.
Best Regards
Enjoy the game and
don’t forget
always have fun!

Cz3s1ek !!!

Server Machine Upgrade
by: Admin | date : 07/11/2019